Telecom Project Workflow business process modelling

The concept of workflow provides capabilities to model various activities in the business process map to deliver specific outcomes implied by value chains and value streams. The purpose of a workflow is to specify “paths” that describe how “something” goes from being undone to done, or raw to processed

BPMN-based business requirements elicitation

  • Standardization a language for all phases of the project​
  • Improvement of the accuracy and adequacy of the software for the organization real needs​
  • Observation through the notation BPMN​
  • Assistance in the elicitation of requirements due to mapping not only the workflow, but a series of information
  • High-performance BPMN + Low-Code tools for your business

    Regarding digital transformation, Low-Code and BPM allow businesses to identify the parts of their processes that work well in specific segments or domains and understand them in a broader context. This involves identifying inefficient or redundant steps, features, and actions that can be automated or eliminated to optimize platforms or applications, improving efficiency and productivity.

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    Serhii Polovnikov, ​Director of Engineering

    “Real art is not a wild fantasy flight and not some random creativity flows from outer space. Inspiration is based on logic and business models, management frames, and financial requirements, along with technological development. Consumerism has led to the emergence of minimalism, the fifth industrial revolution will change our world so much that it will be difficult to distinguish, where robots work and where people do. And if to learn seeing such interconnections, orient the mind towards critical thinking and digital transformation, your inspiration to do business won’t need muses. Reference architecture is exactly the approach that helps not only to see relationships, but also start using them effectively. We, along with our digital transformation engineers’ team, invite you to find your personal reference architecture for product design, based on creativity, meaningly giving you an opportunity to estimate your art.”

    Serhii Polovnikov

    Director of Engineering

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